1. I will only paint full faces on persons who are 3 years and over. Children aged 2 will be offered a small hand design.
  2. I will not paint anyone who does not wish to be painted, anyone who has any apparent skin complaints, e.g. eczema, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, cuts, bruises and any person who seems unwell. The parent/guardian is responsible to inform me of anything that may mean  the child can not be painted. If the child has an area that is a problem for me to paint, I will try to paint something on their arm. I will not be held liable for any child/adult who may react to the paint at any time.
  3. I will need to be informed if a child has not been painted before and in these circumstances I will only paint a small design on the cheek or arm. The Parent/Guardian will then assume responsibility/liability should any adverse reaction be caused.
  4. Should you be hiring an inflatable such as a Bouncy Castle it is your responsibility to ensure face painting is permitted.
  5. Without prejudice I reserve the right not to paint any person/s I feel should not be painted.
  6. I do insist that prior to painting, Parents/Guardians should ensure all faces are clean . I will refuse to paint a child who has a runny nose or has food on their face.
  7. Parents/guardians are responsible to stay with the child until they have finished being painted.  I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to a child in or out of the painting area whilst I am working.
  8. I will always try to maintain a safe surrounding area free from hazards, e.g. Gazebo strings, tent pegs, wobbly table, chair and any other equipment provided by Rosie Cheeks. A copy of the Risk Assessment is available upon request.
  9. I do insist that my materials are not touched by the public to ensure that health and hygiene standards are kept to a maximum. Parents are to keep small children away from my products at all times.
  10. Booking Fee must be paid within 3 days of your booking request, dates are not confirmed until this is received. Bookings made at short notice are exempt from this and full payment is to be made, in cash, on the day of the party / event.
  11. The Booking Fee is non refundable but can be transferred to another date subject to my availability.
  12. Cancellations less than 1 month prior to date will result in an invoice being raised for the full amount to cover loss of earnings.