Which areas do you cover?

I am happy to travel within a 15 mile radius of Durrington, Wiltshire (SP4 8DL) free of charge.  Anywhere further I do ask that my travel expenses are covered (40p per mile).

Who can be painted?

I will only paint a full face on child over the age of 3 years and with parents permission. Under 3’s will only receive a small design on the cheek or arm with parents permission also. I do apply some restrictions regarding apparent skin conditions. Anyone suffering from skin conditions (such as eczema or psoriasis)’ contagious infections (such as cold sores or conjunctivitis) should not be painted. Any spots, sores or broken skin cannot be painted.

How many guests can I expect to be painted in an hour?

I can paint up to 12 full quality faces in an hour, and more if the designs are simple.  When you book you can expect the same standard of face painting and same designs as you see on this website.

Is the facepaint safe?

I only use professional waterbased paints (Snazaroo, Silly Farm, Global, Superstar, DFX and Cameleon). which are non-toxic, skin safe and are specifically for use on the face. They are Eu and FDA approved. Reactions to professional grade paints are rare.

Any glitter used either on the face or on a temporary tattoo is cosmetic grade specifically designed to be safe to use on the face.

Brushes are rinsed after each application and a clean sponge is used per person to avoid cross contamination.  Brush water is changed regularly during the event and all equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every event.

What do I need to provide at the party / event?

It is preferable that equipment such as a table and two chairs plus a gazebo (if an outside event), can be supplied by the client / organiser. However I do have all of these items and if notified prior to the event can arrange to bring them with me. Access to be able to park as close as possible is requested so that all my kit can be transported with ease. For children’s parties, permission from parents must be obtained for their child to be painted and a responsible adult present at all times.

How do I remove the face paint/glitter tattoos/hair feathers?

Removal of face paints is simple by using soap, water and a flannel. Create a lather in the palm of your hand with the soap and then apply to the paint in a circular motion. The paint will start to lift, then simply wipe off with a clean, damp flannel. Wet wipes should only be used if the child becomes irritated by the paint or wishes to have it removed immediately.  Some of the darker colours may tint the skin, such as red, blue and green. A cotton pad with cleansing lotion on it and rubbed over any stubborn paint should assist in its removal. All face paint should be removed before bed.

Glitter tattoos will last for up to a week and can be removed by rubbing olive oil onto the design and gently, in a circular motion wiped off with a cotton pad.

Hair feathers will last generally for as long as you want and can be washed and dried as normal hair. They can withstand a small, low amount of heat BUT avoid getting hot. These can be removed by gently pinching the connecting bead in the opposite way using pliers and then sliding the bead down the hair. The feather should now just fall out.

Can I book with confidence?

Yes! I am CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked and I am covered with £1m Public Liability Insurance which means that you can book Rosie Cheeks with complete confidence.